Why volunteer?

Help seniors in YOUR community. Volunteer when YOU have time. Choose your OWN assignments. Fit volunteering into YOUR lifestyle. And it's incredibly rewarding!

Volunteers agree to help Members with, for example, transportation, running errands, and various tasks around the house. Some Volunteers also choose to be Members. You are not compensated for your service, however we do train you and you receive a Volunteer handbook. We expect Volunteers to be able to dedicate one hour per week to a Member.

Please speak to one of our office team for more information on how exactly the application process works and what specifically volunteering might look like for you.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping seniors in our community! We value one on one conversations with our prospective and current Volunteers.

If you are a current Volunteer, we hope to open an information section for current Volunteers soon. Meanwhile, our office Volunteers would love to answer questions for you!

Our office is staffed between 10am and 1pm on weekdays.

Phone: 603-575-5502

Email: info4oaks@gmail.com

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